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Hi, I'm Maricel Rocha

Founder of Maricel Rocha Health Coaching

This is my Story

As a certified Integrative Health Coach, I am dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential by embracing a vibrant, youthful life. By focusing on optimal weight, energy, sleep, and other lifestyle factors, I empower my clients to lead fulfilling lives marked by health and well-being. My scientific background, combined with my expertise in Integrative Nutrition and Yoga has equipped me with the skills to integrate the mind, body, and spirit into my unique coaching approach. These elements serve as the foundation for nurturing a growing consciousness towards a prolonged health span – the period of optimal health during one's lifetime.

Originally from Argentina, I obtained my bachelor's degree from the National University of Rosario and later pursued a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. I am now married, blessed with three beautiful teenage daughters, and reside in Manhattan Beach, California.