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About me


Maricel K Rocha is a certified Integrative Health Coach dedicated to helping her clients maintain their 
youthfulness and vitality.

By focusing on achieving optimal weight, increasing energy, and improving sleep quality, Maricel ensures her clients can live life to the fullest. With a solid foundation in Biotechnology, Yoga and Integrative Nutrition,  Maricel masterfully combines mind, body, and spirit into her unique coaching approach.

Offering personalized one-on-one sessions, group programs, and informative webinars, Maricel covers essential topics such as sleep, nutrition, and stress management. These key elements form the foundation for achieving an optimal health span, empowering her clients to lead vibrant, fulfilling lives.


The Most Advanced Epigenetic Analysis 
for Research & Discovery


TruAge™ is the most accurate, revolutionary, biological age predictor. Biological age is a measurement of your age, based on various biomarkers. Using state-of-the-art technology and a powerful algorithm, we are able to look at specific locations on your DNA, allowing us to predict your biological age!

The TruAge™ Test is available through Maricel Rocha Health Coaching and can be delivered straight to your doorstep!


Resources for every stage of the journey

1-on-1 coaching

Hop on a complimentary Discovery Session and dive deep into your development with personalized guidance.


Group Coaching 

Feel and Look 10 Years Younger in this 6-week Program, made more fun as you journey with a community of like-minded people


I am so grateful for the coaching I received from Maricel. Her expertise in mindset and self-confidence has made a world of difference in my life. Not only have I become more self-assured, but I've also seen significant improvements in my personal and professional relationships. Maricel's personalized approach and genuine care for my well-being made all the difference. I can't recommend their coaching services enough!

— Maritere Bellas

From the very first day I started working with Maricel, I knew I had found the perfect coach to guide me on my journey towards the best version of myself, including nutrition, hydration, and self-confidence. Her incredible understanding of my unique challenges and kind support has been a true gift. With Maricel by my side, I've been able to break through barriers and access information that previously seemed unattainable. Her ability to communicate complex concepts in a way that resonates with me has been invaluable. I am forever grateful for the guidance, inspiration, and partnership that Maricel has provided – she truly is a gift from heaven!

— Gabriel A

Before discovering Maricel's Integrative Health Coaching, I struggled with sleep and energy. Her empathetic approach and valuable concepts transformed my sleep quality and boosted my energy levels. My productivity has improved tremendously. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life.

— Julie J

You will never find a more knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated health coach out there than Maricel Rocha. She is an expert in overall holistic health and wellness. Making changes in your life isn’t easy and Maricel's genuine care for my well-being shone through in every interaction. With her guidance, I was able to lose weight (and keep it off), improve my quality of sleep, and better navigate life changes that happen as you age. I feel younger and happier as a result. Maricel's empathetic and dedicated coaching style is truly one-of-a-kind, and I highly recommend Maricel’s coaching services to anyone seeking a healthier, happier future. Thank you, Maricel, for making a profound difference in my life. I think you're amazing and everyone should be lucky enough to work with you.

— Evelyn B


The Epigenetic Youth Guide

Your ultimate resource for embracing a rejuvenated life backed by cutting-edge science. Unlock the secrets of a vibrant, youthful life and expand your health span with this essential guide tailored to help you take control of your well-being and longevity.

Self-Talk audio for a Positive Day

Start your day a series of affirmations and positive self-talk exercises to help you cultivate a positive mindset and increase your sense of well-being. You'll feel more motivated, confident, and resilient, ready to tackle any challenges that come your way.

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Stay updated with the latest news on growing your health span and feeling younger longer.