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Celebrating Thanksgiving the Healthy Way: A Guide to the 7 Pillars of Youth

#7pillarsofyouth #balancedlifestyle #epigenetics #gratitude #healthytraditions #holistichealthtips #mindfuleating #positivemindset #youthfulliving Nov 16, 2023
Thanksgiving spelled out in twinkling lights against a festive background

As the Thanksgiving season rolls in, it’s the perfect time to focus on our health and rejuvenation. Building on our recent live stream discussion on the '7 Pillars of Youth,' let’s focus into practical ways to incorporate these pillars into your Thanksgiving celebrations, enhancing your overall wellness.

  1. Sleep: Recharging Your Batteries
  • Stick to a Schedule: Even during holidays, try to maintain your regular sleep routine to keep your body's internal clock steady.
  • Create a Calm Environment: Ensure your sleeping space is quiet and comfortable. Consider earplugs or eye masks if you have a house full of guests.
  • Limit Caffeine and Sugar: Enjoy your Thanksgiving desserts but try to avoid excessive caffeine and sugar close to bedtime.
  1. Nutrition: Feasting the Healthy Way
  • Balance Your Plate: Aim for a plate filled with colorful vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains alongside traditional Thanksgiving fare.
  • Mindful Eating: Eat slowly and savor each bite, which can prevent overeating and enhance your enjoyment of the meal.
  • Healthy Swaps: Experiment with healthier versions of classic recipes, like using Greek yogurt in dips or whole wheat flour in baked goods.
  1. Exercise: Staying Active During the Festivities
  • Morning Workout: Start your day with a light workout or yoga session to set a healthy tone.
  • Family Activities: Plan a post-meal walk, a friendly game of touch football, or a group dance-off to your favorite holiday tunes.
  • Stretching: Take short breaks throughout the day to stretch, keeping your body limber and energized.
  1. Mindset: Cultivating a Grateful Heart
  • Daily Gratitude: Each morning, list three things you're thankful for, focusing on the joys of the season.
  • Positive Conversations: Steer holiday discussions towards positive, uplifting topics.
  • Thanksgiving Journal: Encourage family members to write down what they are grateful for in a shared journal.
  1. Stress and Emotional Management: Keeping Calm and Relaxed
  • Breathing Exercises: Practice deep breathing or guided relaxation techniques to manage stress.
  • Alone Time: Carve out brief periods of solitude to decompress, be it a short walk or quiet reading time.
  • Delegate Tasks: Don’t hesitate to ask for help with holiday preparations to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  1. Environmental Exposure: Connecting with Nature
  • Outdoor Decorations: Involve the family in outdoor decoration activities, blending creativity with time in nature.
  • Nature Walks: Organize a nature trail hike or a visit to a local park.
  • Gardening: If the weather permits, engage in light gardening or outdoor clean-up activities.
  1. Joy: Finding Happiness in the Little Things
  • Fun Traditions: Create or continue fun family traditions that bring joy, like baking together or watching a favorite holiday movie.
  • Express Love: Use this time to express appreciation and love to your family and friends.
  • Photography: Capture joyful moments with photography, creating memories to look back on.

This Thanksgiving let’s adopt these seven pillars to enhance our health and natural rejuvenation.

Get your FREE copy of The 7 Pillars of Youth HERE. By integrating these simple yet effective tips into our holiday, we can ensure a healthier, more balanced celebration. Share your experiences and tips in the comments below, and let’s inspire each other towards a wholesome Thanksgiving!

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