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Purpose-Driven Longevity: Crafting Golden Years of Independence and Joy

epigenetics family grandfather grandmother heathspan intention lifestyle longevity memories motivation positiveliving powerofintention purpose rejuvenation slowingaging Sep 07, 2023
Grandfather, father, and child enjoying a game of Jenga together.

What drives you to wake up every morning and make choices for your health and longevity? While many of us chase after short-term goals, it's the long-term purpose that truly invigorates our soul and pushes us towards a life of discipline and care. Envisioning yourself attending your grandchild's wedding, teaching them to master the perfect tennis serve, or celebrating your 100th birthday by traveling the world unassisted is not just about living longer; it's about living with intention and quality. Extending life span and health span at the same time.

The underlying theme of my eBook, "The 7 Pillars of Youth", speaks about crafting a life that gives precedence to rejuvenation and prevention. The book is about the 7 pillars of youth based on the most impactful epigenetic factors in which we all have room for optimization for extending our health span and reducing our biological age: sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindset, environmental pollution, stress and emotional management and the cultivation of joy. Yet, at the core of these pillars is Purpose. A purpose that goes beyond the confines of the present, urging us to visualize a future where our golden years are not just prolonged but are radiant with health, independence, and vigor.

How do we use our purpose on our daily choices?

By aligning our daily habits and decisions with our long-term purpose:

  • Sleep: Don't just resist that late-night TV binge. Think of it as training for those future hikes with your grandkids, where you won't have to stop because "grandpa or grandma" is tired. Or, envision beating them in a memory game at preschool. Yes, you heard that right, beating them!
  • Stress & Emotional Management: Stress might be a part of life, but imagine being able to manage and keep it under control, because you've got bigger fish to fry—like planning your 100th birthday bash in Ibiza!
  • Nutrition & Exercise: Every salad eaten and mile run isn't a chore. It's gearing up for that marathon you promised you'd run with your grandkid when they turn 18.
  • Environmental Choices: Being eco-conscious isn't just for the planet—it's for those beach days building sandcastles and not just sunbathing. Making a conscious effort today in investing in organic and excellent quality products for your home and personal care will preventing exposure to toxic ingredients, will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and healthy skin as you age.
  • Mindset & Joy: Armed with purpose, every day isn't endured; it's celebrated. Because every day brings you closer to those golden moments you've boldly envisioned for yourself. Make the list and visualize yourself during those moments for when you reach your nineties and beyond.

Think of a future where the term "aging" isn’t synonymous with decline but with wisdom, experience, and, above all, health. A life where every year added isn't a countdown but a testament to your purpose-driven journey.

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